Saturday, August 06, 2005

How do we make coffee?

I have to admit, it's pretty rare for me to be in the office and actually working on a Saturday, but here I am. Usually some of the rookies come in to the office on Saturday morning and work on projects or make calls. I had to be in today to create a proposal for a soon-to-be new client. It's a bit over $6 million when you add up all the accounts from this couple. I'm stealing them from some other broker at one of the bigger firms around town. (Thanks Junior! Appreciate you babysitting the money. I'll take over now and actually HELP these people.) Our computer system was down on Friday afternoon or I would have been done with everything and I would be ready for the meeting this week. Computers just suck sometimes. So, since I couldn't get anything done Friday, here I am on a Saturday.

It's actually interesting being here and seeing a few of the younger brokers. About the time I hit the chair in my office, one of the jokers came running by just laughing his head off. He stopped running by, apparently shocked to see me in the office on Saturday. Seems another rookie broker had been making coffee and somehow poured too much water into the tank, causing a huge overflow. How hard is it to know how to make coffee? Apparently pretty hard for this joker. What would the few clients he has think if they knew he screwed up on making coffee? Would they feel secure knowing about his talents? Anyway, his laughing buddy was on the run to grab extra paper towels to stop the coffee river from overrunning its banks.

I'm betting every Saturday goes something like this without the older guys around to control these newbies. Now I'll have to go on the web and look up the instruction booklet from our coffee maker, just so I can print up a copy of "How to Make Coffee Without Having it Run Down the Cabinets onto the Damn Carpet." Screw it-- I'll update you guys first, then get to the project at hand.

I think I'll stop by the mall later and see if I can find a sipper cup for the idiot rookie to drink his coffee out of from now on. Well, assuming he can get the top off the cup. Freaking rookies.


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