Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I must have the best assistant on the planet. Seriously. Obviously I saw how good she was when I recommended that she was hired seven years ago. But enough about how good I am (for today). Assistant really does a good job, and not just on the normal paperwork , filing, deposits and the like. She takes the time to ask if I want coffee if she is headed for a refill and I never told her I expected that. Just today, she told the wife that I was on the line with an important client, even though I was talking about football with a couple of coworkers. She also takes the time to ask clients that call if there is something she can help with before they talk to me. That is what a good assistant does.

I'm planning on going to bat pretty hard for her with the Boss when she comes up for review next month. After all, if she takes that much heat for me and I actually know about it, what kind of heat does she take for me that I DON'T know about? If she works that hard for me, I can certainly work hard for her during the review period.

Which brings up another point: We do have another lady that is an assistant for a few other guys and she is crappy at her job. She is an example of how to lose a job. She does the work as it comes, but just tries to do as little as possible so she can get back to reading her magazines. She also was "out sick" two days last week-- Monday and Thursday. I guess I wouldn't be so suspicious if she had been gone two days in a row. So after looking at these two assistants, I can't help but wonder what the younger generation is thinking. That's right, my assistant is an older lady and the slacker is about 25. I don't mean to get into a rant on "what is wrong with the younger generation", but I think Miss Slacker needs to get into gear a bit. After all, the older guys in the office make it in with a hangover after our Wednesday happy hours, so I think Miss Slacker should make it in also. We do have a ladies room down the hall, and I bet it has a toilet to go toss her cookies into, should she need to. Either make it in, or leave our Wednesday night happy hour before 1:00 A.M., like she did last week. Maybe she should quit drinking so much and go home earlier, but that idea might upset some of our younger guys in the office.


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