Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dinner Out

I had dinner out with a client the other night. He has been a client for quite a while, and has been divorced for about 3 years. He owns a small business and we met at a local restaurant at 6:30. We had drinks at the bar and he was very interested in a lady at the far end of the bar. He is in his 50's (and leaning hard toward 60), and the lady at the other end of the bar was 30-- maybe. She was there with another lady friend. My client kept trying for eye contact and succeeded once in catching the attention of his target. His hobby over the last couple of years has been seeing how much of a "stud" he still is by trolling the local bars.

We got up and headed for our table and he stopped by and introduced himself to his target. She was a cute girl, and her friend was much older. I thought they were mom and daughter but it turns out they work together at a local office. The young girl was acting coy and silly while talking to my client and he was playing along, thinking he was getting somewhere with her. The conversation turned to birthdays and the younger girl asked my client if he thought it would be right to get a kiss from him for a birthday present. Naturally, he was practically drooling, so he said yes. The young girl then looked him in the eye and said, "Then give my friend a kiss-- it's her birthday." Needless to say, he was not interested in having anything to do with the older lady, and tried to find a way out while the older lady puckered up. He finally gave in, kissed the older lady on the cheek, and said, "Nice meeting you.", before heading to our table.

Sometimes women can be jerks, but in this case, I applauded the younger girl's technique in dealing with this guy. Bravo for her! Ladies, take a lesson.

The conversation we had at the table regarding his accounts were difficult after this event, mainly because I had such a hard time not laughing about him getting shot down. I'll always treasure the memory of this night.


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