Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time to help New Orleans after Katrina

After the tsunami in the Far East last year, there were many people that donated to the relief efforts. The Red Cross was one good organization that helped out a bunch. The need was there and most people I know did something to help out.

I was in a grocery store right after the time of the tsunami and I overheard two guys in front of me in line talking about the disaster. Talk mostly centered on the devastation on TV, but the first guy finally started talking about making a donation for the relief efforts. His buddy, obviously a "Mensa" member, talked about how he would never make a donation because we needed to help ourselves with other things first. No talk about not being in a position to help because of a tough financial situation he was personally in, mind you. No word about needing to feed his family, no really good excuse other than this attitude. Nope-- he wasn't helping because we needed to address American issues first, then help out the rest of the world. I guess some people think that is a good attitude to have.

I remembered these two guys today while watching the TV and seeing the Katrina aftermath. I certainly hope this guy is stepping up and helping out today. After all, this is a very tragic situation in America, and it fits his definition of helping ourselves first. I wish I knew for a fact that he was donating. Since I will never know if this fool did or did not donate, I'm asking you to do so. Please take a minute and go to and make a donation for the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts. No donation is too small. Anything will help.

You guys in the office better get ready as well-- either produce some cold cash tomorrow or a receipt showing that you already made the donation. I'll be checking. And you new guys still sucking up a salary better give as well. I know what we pay you, so don't think you'll be skating by and not giving something.


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