Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Voice Mail

Technology is a wonderful thing. You get used to using your Blackberry, then something goes to hell, and you're totally dependent on something that doesn't work. You have to retreat to some form of technology that you used to use, and you've probably forgotten what to do with the older technology.

We had a nice problem with the voice mail system today. I still don't understand why everything got so screwed up, other than my semi-explanation above. I'm guessing there are several people in our offices that have never seen one of those little pink pads for messages. Naturally, a newbie was in the "pilot seat" as the day got into gear. With the market far from opening, the newbie got a call from a client that has more knowledge in the markets than the newbie does. The client wanted to make a trade to execute at the open, but the newbie simply forced the call to voice mail. That's when the "oops" was found. The voice mail system was down for some reason after the weekend, so the call bounced back. Another try to bounce the call to voice mail again.

And again.

And again.

After several tries, the newbie called to the district office to ask about tech support for the voice mail system. Needless to say, there was nobody there that knew what was going on, so the newbie transferred the call to the district manager's office-- directly to the secretary, no less-- and she used her pink pad to take a message. Long story here, and the trade got executed on the open, but it was entered in another office by someone that had the sense to work the trade before wanting to flip the client to voice mail.

The Boss walked into the lunch meeting today and handed everyone a Special Pink Notepad to take messages. Seems his Boss had called and suggested a remedial course in message taking for our office. We still don't have the voice mail system up and running as of this afternoon. God save any client that calls to leave a message tomorrow morning.


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