Monday, October 31, 2005


Halloween in the Brokerage, like in many other offices, is an interesting day. Naturally the gals all decide it's dress-up day. We have the usual witches and princesses. The interesting costume today was our most senior lady wearing what she thought was a "sexy" outfit. She somehow found some black stretchy material that was not flattering. I guess her husband thought it was sexy.

The ladies in the offices on the lower floors were dressed in interesting costumes as well. It was pretty amazing to see these ladies dressed as cartoon characters in front of the building sucking on a cigarette. Good thing there weren't any kids around or the whole happy image would have been blown. One girl came dressed in her robe, slippers, and messy hair. I'm betting she didn't have a big challenge getting ready for work by the looks of things.

It's a good thing most of the guys in the office didn't dress up. Guys rarely do the costume thing. We did have one newbie bring a mask, but he's really weird anyway, so it helped to have him wearing the mask. As for the rest of the guys, if they had been forced to dress in a costume, most of them would show up in shorts and a polo type shirt with a golf club. I guess we all could have bailed out for an afternoon of golf with their "costumes". Maybe next year.


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