Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And Another Thing About Halloween...

Why is it that all you ladies in the office feel the need to bring in all that extra candy you didn't pawn off on some kid Halloween night? Every November 1st, those damn bowls of mini candy bars, gum, and everything else show up all over the office. It's as if the only thing keeping us alive is candy instead of oxygen. I have a suggestion for next Halloween: either buy less candy at the store, or maybe give out more than one or two pieces to each kid. If it's getting late, start dumping handfuls on the next lucky vampire that shows up at your door. Either that, or buy a better brand of candy to have as leftovers in the office. Maybe something good instead of that off-brand gum from some foreign country you bring in.

And if you need ideas for something to pawn off on the brokers in the office, a nice single malt scotch or a quality vodka may be nice.


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