Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bored at the Office

We were very bored today. Not much going on in the way of finances, other than clients spending money. This makes for fun days in the office. Seriously, I think some of the assistants could have stayed at home today. I bet their husbands were glad they had to work, because going to the mall was probably their alternative. Since I'm done with my lists, maybe I'll post some random thoughts I've been wondering about in the last few days.

I thought we took Solitaire off the computers in the office. Some of the guys still have it on their laptops, but I don't worry about them playing Solitaire. They are all using their laptops to play poker online. I guess the ladies need something to do, so I won't press the Boss about removing Solitaire.

How many times was the sports page read today? I put it in the break room this morning, and by lunch it looked like it was 50 years old. I used the hockey page to wrap a gift, but apparently, nobody missed it.

I'm really tired of fudge, cookies, candies, and other sweets. I think the reason these weight loss places do so well in January has nothing to do with resolutions. Nope-- it's all because we are all SICK of eating 5 pounds of sugary treats by January.

How lucky are all you brokers in those warm areas of the country? REAL lucky. While the rest of your brothers in the business freeze all December, I know you guys are out playing golf. Don't lie about it. I got an email from a fellow broker in California today saying he has a tee time set for Thursday morning at 10:15. At least some of you have options.

Is there a better time than December for football? It's a great time for the playoff races in the pros, and the bowl games kick into full gear at the end of the month. Thank God we have something to talk about in the office. It's been great watching the Indianapolis Colts try to keep their record unblemished, and the college National Championship game should be really good this year. Anyone know the point spreads?

Happy Holidays! Enjoy the football, family and friends, football, golf (for some of you), the traditions, and the New Year.


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